January Sales Hold Up; Some Experts Claim CRE Prices Have Hit Bottom (Wednesday's News & Notes)

It might be a cheerful piece of news, but can we believe it? A Wall Street Journal story looks at the theory that prices on commercial properties are stabilizing and, in fact, might be rising. For an elaborate analysis of this theory and other interesting tidbits on retail real estate, follow the links below.

  • Our sister publication NREI ran a story about investors showing preference for equity infusions into struggling properties. Previously, many industry experts predicted a spike in demand for unsecured notes.
  • A recent Business Week feature looks at how commercial real estate defaults have led to in-fighting among various tranches of creditors.
  • CMBS issuance will likely stay below $15 billion this year, according to Bloomberg.
  • Some industry experts posit a theory that commercial real estate prices have bottomed out, reports The Wall Street Journal.
  • Here, Wall Street Journal writer Christina S.N. Lewis elaborates on the above story.
  • Retailer Daily reports that casual dining chain Uno Restaurant Holdings Corp. has voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
  • Finally, RetailSails reports that retailers continued to post decent sales results during the second week of January.
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