June Same-Store Sales Roundup

June same-store sales, as expected, came in negative. According to Retail Metrics, same-store sales fell 4.3 percent. Retail Forward's stats show a 4.2 percent decline. (Retail Forward's data includes 32 retailers and the results can be viewed in in this PDF.) ICSC's data, meanwhile, shows a 5.1 percent decline, also based off 32 retailers. (The report can be downloaded here if you're a member of ICSC.) ICSC's data charted from 1993 to the present can be viewed below. Retail Sails also has a summary looking at 33 retailers.

(Click for larger image)


There are a bunch of roundups of the results online as well. Take your pick from Reuters, the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press or CNBC.

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