Leaving Old Clothes Behind

An odd result of the recent surge of Canadians crossing into the U.S. to hunt for bargains (thanks to the Canadian dollar's strength against the U.S. dollar) has been a rise in Canadians dumping their old clothes in mall parking lots after buying new ones.

They're doing it, in part, to avoid paying a duty when they cross back into Canada.

Some Canadian shoppers wear their new clothes home to avoid paying a duty when they cross back into Canada. The old clothes get left behind in parking lots, dressing rooms and restrooms at malls and shopping plazas in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls region.

At the Fashion Outlets mall just outside the city of Niagara Falls, managers have placed collection bins near the exits where Canadians customers can deposit their unwanted items.

The clothing is then given to Community Missions of Niagara Frontier.

Clothing bins have also been placed at the Walden Galleria in suburban Cheektowaga.

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