A Little Adventure

NREI editor-in-chief Matt Valley had a bit of an adventure last night. Tony Wilbert has the scoop.

Matt Valley, editor of National Real Estate Investor magazine, and Rachel Ramos, retailer reporter at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, are both in Las Vegas to cover ICSC's Recon 2008. While here, they expect to cover some of the hottest stories in retail real estate, meet with key real estate magnates and eat at some of the city's best restaurants. But on Monday night, they ended up seeing the seedier side of Vegas - an area better suited for an episode of "Cops - Sin City."

Matt, Rachel and I were heading to dinner in a taxi – Western Cab No. 165 – when our driver decided to try to drive past an older-model Cadillac Eldorado veering on a four-lane shortcut off the Strip. Just after the cab accelerated, the Eldorado's driver tried to turn into our lane, and bam! The cars collided and Rachel bounced off Matt in the back seat.

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