Mall Bans Outdoor Smoking

Very few malls allow smoking indoors. But now Pyramid Cos. is banning smoking anywhere on its Carousel Center property in Syracuse. ... I wonder if this has any implications for outdoor centers.

One of upstate New York's largest shopping malls is banning all smoking on its property -- from the sidewalks outside to the last parking space farthest from the entrance.

The Carousel Center in Syracuse has prohibited smoking inside the mall since the state's ban on smoking in the workplace went into effect in the summer of 2003.

But starting on January 1st, employees and shoppers will be banned from smoking anywhere on mall property, including sidewalks, parking lots and loading docks.

Mall managers say the total ban is part of an effort to promote a healthy work and shopping environment. They say the ban is aimed at protecting people from any form of second-hand smoke.

More here.

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