Malls Court Tourists to Boost Holiday Spending

With the dollar weakening, U.S. mall operators have made a big push to get foreign tourists to come to the U.S. to do their holiday shopping.

Foreign travel agents have been busy arranging shopping trips to U.S. malls for Black Friday and over the holiday season, Rothstein said.

"Tour operators, especially in the U.K. and Ireland, have told us that pre-purchase excursion tickets for holiday shopping to centers like our Woodbury Common premium outlets are selling well," she said.

For its part, Rothstein's company is providing the international shoppers with buses and special coupon books, Rothstein said. "Some of the shoppers don't speak English. So we also provide them with translators," she said.

Rosemary McCormick, a consultant with trade association Shop America Alliance, said she expects a big spike in tourists shoppers to the United States.

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