Monitoring Mallrats

With all the talk of curfews lately, a local NBC affiliate monitored mall rats and got some interesting findings.

We witnessed the officers ourselves. Our undercover shoppers were asked to leave mall property for videotaping without permission.

Managers at Coastland Center Mall in Naples say they do have security, but wouldn't go in-depth about their policies. Their guards were the least visible to our cameras.

"If they stay here too long and they have nothing to do, it gets to the point they think of games," said Elizabeth Savolidis.

We caught teens running around the outside of the mall cutting off families, smoking and swearing.

Inside, a group of nearly 20 teens with skateboards knocked over chairs and created chaos in the food court.

Pulling police records, NBC2 uncovered in 2006, there were 75 incidents involving juveniles at Coastland Center Mall.

Sixty three teens, between the ages of 13 to 18, were arrested for everything from shoplifting, to car theft to drugs to battery.

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