NetGain Recommends 7% Cap Rates

That is why we have emphasized the capitalization rate, and continued to raise our recommendation (NIPI™) to the current 7%. NetGain's essays have advised against negative spread, negative cash flow, artificial mortgage rates, and artificial yields. NetGain has strongly emphasized the importance of good due diligence and has developed the most comprehensive proactive due diligence program (EVS) available on the Internet. Successful income property investing is a serious business, and those who treat it as any less than that are the ones whose sad stories you have read in the newspaper.

The National Income Property Index™ (NIPI™) is the preeminent income property guide for increasing ROI and minimizing investment risk. NIPI™ provides investors with time-proven recommendations based on the two most crucial influences affecting the value of income property: jobs and the cost of debt service. Based on monthly National Employment figures, NIPI™ provides recommendations on the most advantageous positive spread to negotiate when purchasing income property. It also calculates the current cost of debt service and recommends the best capitalization rate range that responds to the recommended positive spread based on up-to-date nationwide data.

More here, including charts.

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