New Flagship in Times Square

New Flagship in Times Square

superdry-600It looks like the trend of foreign retailers using landmark New York locations for supersized flagship stores is going strong. Superdry, a U.K.-based chain that entered U.S. for the first time a year or two ago, has just announced it will open a 14,000-sq.-ft. flagship location in Times Square. Like its predecessors, the new store will incorporate new design elements meant to impress, according to The Sacramento Bee:

Superdry is celebrated for housing its collections in uniquely designed retail environments. Times Square will be no exception, featuring oversized jam jar chandeliers, as well as triple patchwork tables made from reclaimed wood and an extensive use of raw steel. New design innovations never before seen in Superdry's U.S. stores will include an industrial bomb light chandelier made from British factory lights salvaged from the 1940's, bespoke cubby-style denim cabinetry, vetrine mannequin display units and a dedicated area to the brand's leather and premium footwear collection.
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