New Kind of Mall?

That most men hate malls, and shopping in general, is a well-known maxim in the retail industry. Anecdotal evidence would point to the fact that men often consider going into a store a sort of punishment and statistical evidence says one in five men would rather do their taxes than go shopping. As a result, most malls in the U.S. still cater to women, in spite of some barely successful tries over the years to lure in men with promises of beer and cookies.

A bold European developer, however, is attempting to challenge the wisdom that men simply won't enjoy shopping by building a mall that caters exclusively to the male population. The upcoming Panska Pasaz in Prague, buing built by Metroslav, will be tenanted by high-end men's stores, especially those that specialize in tailored suits. There will also be a wine market on site.

Here's the property's Facebook page. It's in Czech, but you can see the renderings and some of the posted press releases seem to be in English.

U.S. mall developers have been thinking up ways in recent years to make their properties more relevant to a wider range of consumers. It will be interesting to see how successful the Panska Pasaz experiment turns out to be. If it finally hits on the formula of how to get men into a mall, it might be worth replicating here.

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