A New Mall in Manhattan? ... Actually No.


A funny item on a New York Times blog notes that there has been some furor over a supposed mall being built on New York's Lower East Side.

But turns out the poster that has caused the grief--including protest banners on nearby buildings--is merely a prop for an upcoming Adam Sandler movie called "You Don't Mess With Zohan".

With luxury apartment buildings rising on Orchard and Ludlow Streets, just below Houston Street, the prospect of a glittery, tacky shopping mall between them does not seem so remote. It is real enough that neighbors on the Lower East Side have been grumbling ever since a wall-sized poster for the Walbridge City Mall went up recently over an excavated lot on the block. Protest banners hang from nearby fire escapes. “Walbridge Go Home,” says one.

An item on the poster also appeared on

There's a couple photos on flickr as well. One is another view of the poster and the other shows the protest banners.

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