New Moody's Data; Reaction to TALF (Thursday's News & Notes)

Here are some recent news and notes on retail and retail real estate.

  • Square Feet blog has a nice, simple post looking at the latest results from Moody's commercial property price index. Prices fell 1.0 percent from May to June and are down about 27 percent from the year prior. The National Association of Realtors also put out some new commentary on commercial real estate. Rolfe Winkler summarized the findings.
  • A nice report from CoStar looks at the reaction by commercial real estate execs to TALF's extension.
  • A Wall Street Journal piece looked at the rally in REIT shares. REIT stocks have been on a major winning streak since about May.
  • The UPI provides the most recent doom and gloom report on commercial real estate. This one calls what we experienced a commercial real estate "bubble." I actually don't think we've seen that term thrown around too much. Was it a bubble or was it a boom? Was it a boom that turned into a bubble?
  • A Dow Jones story looked at how consolidation among big banks has led to a glut of bank branches, which is just adding more pressure to the retail real estate sector. This is a trend we looked at back in January.
  • Jim Cramer wrote a brief piece boosting commercial real estate. He's had enough of the doom and gloom. He says the woes in the sector have been contained. This comes just more than two weeks after he made a similar argument on his show.
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