Nice Profile of Agree Realty

The Detroit Free Press has a short, but nice, profile of Agree Realty Trust up.

Agree Realty Corp., a 10-person development firm based in Farmington Hills, has built a strong and growing portfolio of small retail centers housing Walgreen's, Meijer, Borders and other retailers who offer consumers the basics of everyday shopping.

That sort of development doesn't generate a lot of headlines in the style of, say, Donald Trump's projects. But the firm's relatively anonymity is just fine with the father-son team that runs the firm, Richard and Joey Agree.

"Our core business is developing brick-and-mortar locations for retailers. It's a bread-and-butter business," Joey Agree, 29, the firm's executive vice president, said recently. "We're able to minimize our risk while having the rewards underlying real estate."

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