NRF Releases the List of Top Retailers for 2010 (Thursday's News & Notes)

The National Retail Federation's Stores Magazine has just released its list of Top 100 Retailers for 2010. The list doesn't have too many surprises for retail industry insiders. While the accompanying story notes that brick and mortar chains performed better this year than they have in 2009, the top 10 entries on the list remained virtually unchanged, with Walmart once again taking the number one spot.

Instead, there was a perceptible change in the middle of the list, with several value-oriented retailers climbing up a dozen or so points in the ranking. Many dollar stores, including Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, have climbed up the chart as consumers have held on to their penny-pinching ways. This year, dollar chains are among the fastest growing retailers in the U.S., with the sector scheduled to deliver thousands of new stores to the market.

Here are some other stories about retail and retail real estate from around the Web that you might find interesting:

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