Picking a Burger Joint

Some interesting observations from Buxton's Retailing blog on how the mindset of a consumer works, even when picking something as simple as where to get a burger and a milkshake.

I'm no different than most consumers these days – the closer that a restaurant or retailer that I like is to me, the more likely I am to go to that place. We consumers like convenience. We want to get to, get in, get out and get back home as quickly as possible. We work such long hours that we want to spend as much time at home with our families as we can…especially if we can be at home with our families enjoying a nice burger/milkshake combo with football on the television!

So, with all that being said, it is ironic that the closest fast food burger place to my house was the one that for four years I never ate at. I didn't really have anything against the place. It looked clean, always had cars in the parking lot, etc., it was just that I had never been exposed to this regional fast food player. So, I never wanted to take a chance on it over the places I did have experiences with. You see, I grew up and went to college in South Texas and so I had never heard of Braum's.

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