Places Reports from London

Places Magazine Blog brings us a firsthand report of retail in London.

Some of the newest players to the street-scape - and familiar to Americans, include the new National Geographic Store on Regent Street. It opened last November and is located on three floors. The store sells a vast range of products from the most basic of travel essentials such as maps and bug spray, to innovative apparel suitable for worldwide expeditions. The store includes a tapas cafe, library and cartography areas, and travel services. More stores are planned in other major European cities.

Abercrombie & Fitch's store appeared to be booming with business. Located a bit “off” - behind the Royal Academy of Art, on 7 Burlington Gardens, operates with no signage - between Bond Street and close to Savile Row. There is no visible signage on the store. However, its destination shoppers have no trouble finding it - and buying. One does however wonder if a store on Regent Street would have made more sense.

Everyone knows Harrods's and Harvey Nichols. But Selfridge's remains one of the best department stores. It has almost everything under one roof and a terrific sales staff to back it up. And Fortnum & Mason is one of a kind - great for gifts, tea, wine, jams, candies and gift items. All of its floors have been very recently remodeled and the dining and tea venues are comfortable and elegant.

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