Practicing for a Disaster at the Mall

Update: It was the Mall of Georgia. Not the Gwinnett Mall. Here's another report on the drill.

Officials ran a terror drill at the Gwinnett Mall Mall of Georgia over the weekend. The drill was a mock anthrax attack. Dozens of volunteers played victims as local emergency crews went through the process of evacuating and treating them.

Emergency crews in Gwinnett County prepared for the possibility of a real disaster Sunday by staging a full-scale disaster drill at the Mall of Georgia.

As Gwinnett county police officers and firefighters responded to a mock anthrax attack at the mall, dozens of volunteers played an important role as victims.

"We were in the food court, and all of the sudden something happened," said volunteer Tom Mulheron. "There was an explosion, and we were escorted out of the building."

The volunteer victims had to be evacuated, then decontaminated.

"That's the process of going through a shower and removing their clothing," said Gwinnett Fire Lt. Thomas Rutledge. "We have to make sure that any item with that anthrax agent is taken off, and they are medically sound."

More details here.

This is the second drill of its kind we've seen reported in the past year. We blogged another example in March.

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