Protesters Demand Return of Marshall Field's

“The point is to protest a brutal and stupid takeover of a crowned jewel of Chicago. ... They've turned it into a Wal-Mart,” said Tom O'Brien, a 51-year-old writer.

O'Brien said Sunday's protest of Macy's takeover was his third.

“(Macy's) sales are down, their stock prices are down,” he said. “People aren't giving up on this.”

March organizer Jim McKay, a 44-year-old adjunct professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said the goal is bring Marshall Field's back someday. It's ambitious, he said, but attainable.

“Macy's is a run of the mill, template, ubiquitous kind of store. It's not the same quality as Marshall Field's,” McKay said between shouts into a megaphone.

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