RadioShack to Revamp its Stores

RadioShack to Revamp its Stores

RadioShack Corp. plans to revamp its stores in the next few months to create a better experience for consumers. The retailer announced it hired two new members for its senior management team, including Jennifer Warren and Michael DeFazio. Warren will be in charge of marketing and brand-building, DeFazio will lead store conceptualization, design and implementation efforts.

According to Joe Magnacca, CEO of RadioShack:

"I have worked with Mike since 2008, and know that he has a unique ability to reinvent the shopping experience from the outside in," said Mr. Magnacca. "He starts from the consumer perspective, and combines his experience as an operator and merchandiser with his talents as a visual and experiential designer to deliver an exciting, compelling and fun shopping experience to the store. Mike has been with the company only a few weeks, and he already has begun work on the transformation of our stores. We will be unveiling these new store prototypes over the next several months."  


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