Real Property Alpha Has A Question For You

John Reeder at his Real Property Alpha blog asks an interesting question in his Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary post. I would love to see other people's thoughts on it. He's asked for feedback.

I'm re-posting what he wrote as a blockquote below.

The subtitle of this blog contains a mention of incremental innovation. For anybody interested, I explain the concept of incremental innovation in the “Who Am I?” page. It occurred to me this morning that incremental innovation is an evolutionary process. It is not revolutionary, in that incremental innovation does not occur with huge changes in extremely short periods of time. Incremental innovation is drawn out, can take years or longer, and is exemplified by continuous small successive improvements.

Real estate as a sector is often late to the “change” party. However, it does seem like some substantial shifts in the way we do business are underway. I've written about this before, but I would be interested to hear how any of the readers of this blog think that real estate as a sector is evolving.

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