Retailers Fight Back Against High Gas Prices

Customers at Bass Pro Shops drive an average of 100 miles to reach the company's 50 locations and many are known to drive up to 300 miles each way to spend time at the massive outdoor supercenters.

But with the average price of a gallon of regular gas above $4, getting even the most devoted customer to make the trip is becoming increasingly difficult.

That's why the Springfield, Mo.-based chain is launching a slate of events this weekend, offering outdoor skills workshops, s'mores-making, scavenger hunts and foam shooting competitions for shoppers.

Bass Pro Shops spokesman Larry Whiteley says foot traffic in stores is falling, but the company hopes this weekend's events give customers more than just one reason to make the drive.

"We're teaching them how, for less than $100, they can have their own camping outfit and they can go to a lake or a campground or they can use it in their own backyard," he said.


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