Ricky's To Go National

Over the past few years, Ricky's NYC became a well-known brand in New York, where the hip beauty store has been popping up on quite a few corners. The chain also made its mark on the city by opening temporary stores to sell its Halloween costumes.

Up till now, however, Ricky's remained a regional chain, committed to staying within New York City and the surrounding region. But a New York Times interview with Ricky's founder Ricky Kenig reveals the chain's management is ready to go national.

This will be an interesting transition to watch, as Ricky's is one of those stores that's as much about the shopping experience as it is about the products.

With his father's support, Mr. Kenig opened the first Ricky's at 718 Broadway in Greenwhich Village in 1989. It channeled 1980s street culture: loud neon signs, large television monitors and a Pop Art logo of a pink and blue toothpastelike tube.

Ricky's was an instant hit with the downtown creative set. The photographer Steven Meisel was an early customer, as were other fashion insiders who relied on Mr. Kenig to stock products that big chains deemed too niche. When Mr. Meisel wanted bobby pins with a matte black finish, Mr. Kenig used sandpaper to create the desired look.

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