Same-Store Sales Preview

Margaret Brennan at CNBC's Retail Detail provides a preview of the forthcoming ICSC announcement of April's same-store sales figures.

How's that? Last April was a weak one because it included a slow shopping period post-Easter. This year, Easter fell in March which means that this April we didn't have to digest that weak shopping period. The bottom line: the year over year comparison is an easy one this time thanks to a calendar shift.

What should be interesting is what retailers say about the rebate check payouts and whether the stimulus package truly is impacting results. While shoppers didn't receive the checks until the beginning of May (some are in the mail now), consumers may have spent some of that money before receiving the checks.

Consumer psychology is such that the boost of confidence from ‘free money' may motivate people to spend some if not all of that extra cash. Analyst Chuck Grom of JP Morgan says he thinks that we're already seeing that sales bump from rebate checks.

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