Santa Switch Has Polarizing Effect

It's been a while since I posted anything on the lighter side. The Washington Post has an entertaining story about how a change in mall Santas caused some dischord in the D.C. suburbs.

Until this season, Mann had been the mall's only Santa. Before the mall opened in 1999, Mann played Santa at Tysons Galleria for several years.

I was saddened to learn that Mann would not be returning as Santa. (I haven't told the kids yet; too many questions will come of it.)

Matt Bressler of Sterling was also upset at the news. His children have been photographed with Mann every year since 1993. Bressler's kids are now 20 and 22, and as they grew, he said, they never turned down an opportunity to have their picture taken with Santa. Bressler and his wife, Deb, joined their children in the photos beginning in 2001.

Now that Mann is absent from the mall, the Bresslers have decided their annual Christmas photo tradition will come to an end. "We could not possibly have our picture taken with a pretend Santa now," Bressler said.

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