Say No to Bingo

The Boston Store at the Southridge Mall in Glendale, Wisc. learned the hard way that maybe running a weekly bingo game inside its store wasn't such a good idea.

The cafeteria had been offering early bird specials in which diners, nearly all senior citizens, got seven bingo cards on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays along with their food. Those who were the first to cover a row with chips got a prize wrapped in white tissue such as a tea towel set, some costume jewelry or a set of candles.

But, after the games were brought to the attention of the state Department of Administration's gaming division, Rob Dams, police chief in this Milwaukee suburb, said he called the store's head of security Friday and told him the games had to stop.

Dams noted that churches, as nonprofit organizations, can run bingo games in Wisconsin if they get a license and follow the rules but Boston Store would never be eligible for a license.

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