Size and Structure of the Cart and Kiosk Industry

Responding to a student doing research on carts and kiosks, the Specialty Retail Expert gives a brief but extremely useful thumbnail sketch of the industry.

In a recent issue of Specialty Retail Report, we stated that the cart and kiosk industry does about $12 billion per year. Most malls across the US accept some form of specialty retailers, including cart, kiosk, or temporary inline store tenants. The major differentiating factor between permanent stores and temporary ones is that temporary tenants typically sign a month-to-month license agreement (it's not called a lease because the term of a lease is one year or more). Most malls allow temporary tenants to decide every month (January-October) if they want to continue operating (and some do sign a lease for a one year term). The tremendous benefit of being a temporary cart or kiosk merchant is that you're not committed to long term leases or expensive store build outs (i.e., renovations to make the space work for your retail location).

The average rents during the non-holiday season range from $1500-$4000 per month depending on the location. The holiday season is two months (November-December) and rents do change during this season, typically from $7500-$30000 based on the location. However, depending on the products you're selling, the increase in mall traffic more than makes up for it.

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