S&K to Close Remaining Stores

S&K Famous Brands, which filed for bankruptcy in February, has now decided to close its remaining stores. Two weeks after filing, the firm moved to close about 30 stores. Now, three months later, it is shuttering the rest.

“In spite of our best efforts, the current economic climate left us with no choice but to close down the business. We'd like to thank all of our employees for their hard work and all of our loyal customers for their years of patronage,“ said Jonathan Tibus, Chief Restructuring Officer at S&K Menswear, in a prepared statement.

Bankruptcies and Liquidations:

Potential Bankruptcies & Liquidation Impact: 1,468 confirmed closures out of about 2,738 stores

Announced Closings

Total Closings: up to 1,440 U.S. stores

Potential Impact of All Announcements to Date: 2,908 closures out of up to 4,178 potentially affected U.S. stores

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