Starbucks Giving Free Newspapers to Customers

Order up a double macchiato with a side of debate. On Thursday, Starbucks will begin offering a free paper from the magazine Good in its stores. Called the Good Sheet, each week it will tackle one election topic, like carbon emissions, health care or education. And Starbucks hopes it will get people talking.

“We had been looking at ways to bring a little bit of those conversation-starters into the Starbucks environment,” said Terry Davenport, the senior vice president for marketing at Starbucks.

Good, which was founded two years ago, has an editorial emphasis on philanthropy and activism. Some of that is translated into the Good Sheet, a folded piece of newsprint that presents information and statistics in a big graphic. The sheet on health care, for example, gives a history of government health care programs, statistics about health care spending, and suggestions about solutions, including notes on those that John McCain and Barack Obama endorse.

Starbucks has timed the introduction for election season, and will feature a new Good sheet for 11 weeks.


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