Strategic Choices for Asian Shopping Centers

From Her Mawan Kartjaya, comes a brief on strategic choices for shopping centers in Asia.

ASEAN is on their way toward ASEAN single market, and with the 550 million total population and increasing GDP, there will be no more doubt that big opportunities lay on shopping center. More over, the shopping center especially will attract tourists and investors from all over the world to come visiting ASEAN. That's why some people say that shopping center is the world of opportunity.

The next coming question is how we can build attractive shopping center. I found three factors that been faced by shopping center in ASEAN to compete in the future: Location, Tenant Mix, and Shoppers. What we shall do to be competitive to attract visitors and shoppers (moreover tenants)? And, I have named three strategic choices for shopping mall to compete: Community shopping center, Iconic shopping center, and Thematic shopping center.

More here.

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