Take a Sneak Peek at "The NEW Age of Walmart”

CNBC will be debuting a new original documentary this Wednesday--“The NEW Age of Walmart.” Here are a few teasers on the documentary. The info on the documentary will look at the changes Walmart has undergone in the last five years and attempt to assess whether the company has transformed itself or has merely been adept at public relations. There are lots of good links on that page looking at the Bentonville, Behemoth.

Indeed, it doesn't seem all that long ago we were writing regularly about various challenges facing the company. It had some missteps abroad and for a while its sales growth slipped and so did its pace of expansion. More recently, it seems to have righted its ship. So it should be interesting to see what the documentary concludes.

Check out a slew of videos after the jump.

Check here, here, here and here for other videos.

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