Taubman, ShopAmerica Find International Travelers Still Looking for U.S. Retail

About 10 days ago, Taubman Centers and Shop America Alliance LLC in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce/Office of Travel & Tourism Industries (DOC/OTTI) released the International Shopping Traveler.

Highlights of The International Shopping Traveler study results include:

• Nearly 20 percent of these travelers say they have already booked their next trip to the U.S. and an additional 50 percent are very likely to visit and shop in the next 12 months.

• For a large number of travelers, shopping influences destination choice. Overall, 30 percent said it was a factor in their choice of destinations, while 23 percent said it was a key reason for the trip.

• These travelers allocated a sizeable portion of total trip spend to shopping activities, spending on average $1,063 per person on shopping out of a total average of $3,692 per total trip, per person. While spending varies by market, the percent of shopping spend reported in the total trip spend was an average of 29 percent, and as high as 40 percent with Mexican Shopping Travelers.

The executive summary can be viewed below.

The International Shopping Traveler - Exec Summary - 2009

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