Taubman's Oyster Bay Project Delayed Again

Taubman's ongoing battle to try and build a mall on Long Island has hit yet another roadblock.

THE Appellate Division in Brooklyn has overturned a State Supreme Court justice's strongly worded order that compelled the Town of Oyster Bay to issue a special use permit, against its will, allowing construction of a long-debated luxury mall in Syosset.

The appellate ruling, the most favorable yet for the town in its eight-year court fight with the mall developer, Taubman Centers Inc. of Michigan, is a major new hurdle for the proposed 750,000-square-foot mall. Taubman, which acknowledged that the $500 million project faced new delays, called the ruling flawed and said it would seek to appeal.

This project has been delayed for years. What's a few more? In this climate, it's probably better off getting pushed back a little.

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