Two's a Coincidence, Three's a Trend

For the third time in less than six months, someone has driven his car through a mall. This time, the property affected was the Westfield Sunrise Mall in Massapaqua, N.Y. There, a disgruntled teen plowed his car into the property where his ex-girlfriend worked.

According to Newsday:

His brother, who was in the Wal-Mart next door, saw the driver coming out and sped away. "I heard a big crash. I rode my bike because I was scared out of my mind," he said.

Singh said he heard people screaming, and came out to investigate. "I saw a lady running and shouting," he said, then saw a car going 30 to 40 mph down the corridor.

The car rammed one of his kiosks, which was unmanned, spinning it 360 degrees, Singh said. "He didn't even stop one millisecond. ... I feel so lucky because I didn't have help," he said.

Newsday also has a Photo Gallery.

Previously, in March, someone drove a car into the Augusta Mall in Georgia. In another incident last December it happend at the Altamonte Mall.

It has left us to wonder, once again, why owners and managers are not making greater use of security planters that would help avoid this sort of thing.

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