Update on NC's Bus Ban

News & Observer has a follow-up on some malls attempts to block city buses from driving through their properties Raleigh, N.C.

Six years ago, the vast shopping center at Brier Creek got Raleigh's approval on a condition from city planners: Allow bus access in the future.

Brier Creek's developers agreed to "reasonable" access in writing, but the firm wrote back four years later saying bus stops were a poor fit. That leaves some workers and customers with a quarter-mile walk across the asphalt.

The apparent turnaround is getting new scrutiny as Raleigh works to get buses inside shopping centers that prohibit Capital Area Transit. In hindsight, officials wish they had used Brier Creek's 2001 letter when the shopping center balked.

"Our staff obviously did not go and search that record," City Manager Russell Allen said. "If they'd found that letter, that would have helped us a lot."

For the previous story, go here.

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