Wal-Mart's Clinics; Aeropostale's New Concept; Pizza Hut's Second Name and More (Monday's News & Notes)

George Whalin wrote about the tough times for apparel retailers. He highlights the closure of RUEHL and Eddie Bauer's bankruptcy. It is estimated that Eddie Bauer's restructuring could result in 120 store closings.

Meanwhile, Passions of a Zealot also looked at the demise of Abercrombie & Fitch's RUEHL. He writes that the failure was in part due to the firm's arrogance.

Abercrombie's downfall with Ruehl (and the considerable sales drop at other Abercrombie brands of late) came from their arrogance to refuse to acknowledge the state of the economy and price their clothes accordingly – or at the least, provide sales or discounts or specials. For almost a year now Abercrombie's President and CEO, Mike Jeffries has continually stated that Abercrombie (and affiliated concepts) are premium brands, discounting them or placing sales on their products – even temporarily – will damage the reputation of the brands and make it more difficult for the brands to return to their premium status.

Here are some other news and notes on retail and retail real estate from around the Web today.

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