Wal-Mart's International Adventures

"Wal-Mart" and "Communist Party" are not institutions you would necessarily lump together. It illustrates just how different doing business in China really is for retailers and developers.

The party branch was set up Friday at Wal-Mart headquarters in the southern city of Shenzhen, according to the party newspaper People's Daily and a Wal-Mart spokesman, Jonathan Dong.

"Quite a few of our associates are party members already, so they have a right to establish branch organizations," he said.

Dong didn't know whether Wal-Mart would have any formal interaction with the branch or whether its establishment would affect operations. Employees who answered the phone at the party's Shenzhen office said they had no information on what the branch would do.

Elsewhere, an interesting story in the Christian Science Monitor illustrates how small shopkeepers in India are preparing for landfall of the the world's largest retailer.

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