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Welcome to a New News Experience

Welcome to a New News Experience

I know something about Web sites, especially when it comes to those presenting commercial real estate news and information. And having been at the forefront of the digital era by launching some of the industry’s best-known Web sites, I noticed that at Penton Media we hadn’t really moved very far—that is, until yesterday.

So often re-launches of Web sites are nothing more than repackages of the same tired old news and format—which is, frankly, just like pouring old wine into new bottles. Even worse, quite often the new Web site’s technology doesn’t move along with the reader’s needs.

At, we’ve launched a new kind of digital experience that engages readers in the way they’re now consuming media. In other words, our readers are telling us what kind of information they want and how they want to receive it, and is meeting these needs. This includes a mobile site that presents information in a logical, user-friendly format.

We’re also keeping our minds open to new tools that can help make our readers’ day better. Our goal is to keep you, the reader, informed in an in-depth level, and make our information easy to access at the same time.

There are a few things we would like you to keep in mind as you get to know First, our main focus is to make the commercial real estate professional’s day easier. We want to become your one-stop resource for news and information, and we will continue to evolve and introduce new tools as we move forward together. Remember, a Web site that touts that it’s over a decade old is simply an old Web site. So come along with the new We’re sure you’ll not only make your day better, but you’ll do better too. 

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