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Welcome to Retail Traffic Court

Here's where we will have a new, frequent conversation with our readers--alerting you to the interesting (and sometimes oddball) things we see every day as we scan the horizon of the retail real estate business. In the course of reporting and writing our newsletter and magazine, we hear lots of juicy tidbits and see all sorts of information about projects, deals and company moves. We'll share those and provide links to provocative reports from around the media that illustrate key trends. We'll also throw out some of our own observations on the big stories. And we hope you'll throw some thoughts back at us via the blog's comment feature.

If you have read-or written-blogs, you know that the best ones spice up the smart analysis and commentary with a bit of humor. So, we'll be sharing the quirky and the ridiculous that we find and ask you to do the same. We're eager to see how Retail Traffic Court evolves and look forward to receiving your feedback and contributions. This space will get continually tweaked and new features will be added in coming weeks and months. For example, on the bottom lefthand corner of our homepage, you'll soon see a blogroll, linking to key news sources and interesting blogs covering retail and real estate.

Retail Traffic Court will also be the key place where we'll file reports from the road on what's happening at major industry trade shows. This blog is going live in conjunction with the ICSC New York National Conference & Deal Making starting on Monday. So look for updates all three days as we report on the panels, keynotes and bring you breaking news right from the show floor.

If you see me walking the floor, say hello. Better yet, stop by Booth 230 in the South Corridor at the Hilton (floor plan) and tell us how you think we're doing at Retail Traffic. We'd love hear feedback and ideas on how we can continue to write about the industry and deliver the best coverage we can.

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