Westfield Opening London Megamall

WHEN the first shoppers flock through the doors of Westfield's new mega-mall in London tomorrow, the head of the company's British arm will be thinking of sleep.

Michael Gutman admits he's lost a fair bit of shuteye in the lead up to the opening of the company's first London shopping centre.

For one thing, the timing isn't perfect with Britain on the brink of recession and shoppers tightening their pursestrings.

The idea of opening what will be Europe's biggest indoor mall in the middle of a city where shoppers are devoted to visiting stores on the high street has also come under fire from some traditionalists.

Against that background, along with the mammoth task of ensuring the £1.6 billion ($4.13 billion) centre in London's White City opens on time, Mr Gutman has had his fair share of sleepless nights.


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