What's in Store for Burger King?

In anticipation of Burger King's owner 3G Capital listing the chain on the New York Stock Exchange, Fortune took an in-depth look at the fast-food seller. The result is an article with this subhead: Burger King Will Be to Bill Ackman What Sears Is to Eddie Lampert.

To be fair, Fortune doesn't say Burger King is headed for oblivion, the way Sears seems to be. But the writers, Howard Penney and Rory Green, do point out that 3G Capital hasn't been investing capital in the chain's stores.

Ask yourself how many of your own problems you've solved by ignoring them. Not many. Not only has 3G Capital not invested any capital in the company, it sucked $295 million out of the business last year.

Given the time wasted and the intense competition in the fast-food segment, Fortune notes that undertaking an extensive turnaround now may be too much of a risk. It's recommendation for Burger King? It should shrink its store portfolio.

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