Where's the Debt?


Our September issue is now up on our site. We have a special cover package this month exploring some of the various ways the recent credit crunch has been impacting retail real estate.

The Big Comedown explores how the CMBS market has been massively shaken up. We look at what borrowers should expect going forward.

Meanwhile, portfolio lenders have been Reaping the Rewards. After years of losing ground to the more aggressive CMBS and conduit lenders, life insurance companies have been able to step into the breach and increasing their lending volume in recent weeks.

Another big trend that's been powered by the oceans of easy money available in recent years has been the wave of private equity buyouts of retailers. But we look at why it may be time to say Bye-Bye Buy-Outs in the third part of our package.

Lastly, the stock market has reacted sharply to troubles in single-family housing and sub-prime lending. In the wake, REIT stock prices have plummeted as anything related to real estate has been tainted. After a prolonged bull run, REIT stock prices are down this year. In Time for the Fall, we look at how one sector, shopping center REITs, has reacted and how strong fundamentals are keeping executives and analysts bullish on the space.

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