Why Federated Is Right and Wanamaker Was Wrong

Here's an interesting piece from one of our sister publications, Chief Marketer called Why Federated Is Right and Wanamaker Was Wrong.

Financial analysts will argue that a holding company such as Federated Department Stores doesn't need a corporate brand, that the only thing that counts are the financial results. I suggest that they wake up and face reality.

In proposing to change its name to Macy's Inc., Federated is doing what it should have done long ago – treating its corporate brand like a business asset. As a corporate brand, “Federated Department Stores” is a laggard. Of the 36 retail corporate brands we at CoreBrand track in the Corporate Branding Index, Federated is at the bottom in terms of familiarity, brand power, and brand equity. “Macy's” will likely be near the top, which means that the name change will prove to be a very smart move.

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