KPC Summit

KPC Summit

New Monster HQ On Track for June Opening

The six-story building, purchased from KPC Group last year, will accommodate at least five years of potential growth.

CORONA, CA—The new Monster Energy Co. headquarters space will be complete and operational by June, according to architect H. Hendy Associates.

The energy drink firm bought a building in the former Corona Summit Corporate Center from KPC Group in September 2012. KPC had purchased the complex, and has renamed it to KPC Summit, selling one of the buildings to Monster.

In May 2012, Monster announced it would move to one of the Corona Summit buildings, though the firm said it would occupy a three-story, 73,000-sq.-ft. office facility. However, H. Hendy said Monday that Monster’s six-story, 140,000-sq. ft. building will feature 500 workstations and 175 private offices, accommodating the company’s growth for at least five years, according to H. Hendy executives. It’s not clear what prompted the change in space.

Sarah Thunstrom, facilities manager at Monster, says the architect has captured the company’s “life on the edge” style. For example, before furniture and fixtures are installed, motocross racers were let loose on the empty floors to race through the interior and create skid marks on the concrete, and a creative “test lab” will enable employees and athletes to test new beverage products.  “Our new space will explode visually, with stunning design elements that spotlight our brand and provide an engaging space for our employees, athletes and musicians,” Thunstrom says.


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