Got an Opinion on the Debt Markets? Express Yourself in NREI’s Borrower Trends Survey

The debt markets for commercial real estate have begun to thaw as evidenced by this year’s spike in investment sales activity and the re-emergence of securitized lending on a limited basis. Still, borrowers today are facing a much more stringent underwriting climate than before the recession and credit crunch. For their part, lenders are asking borrowers to put more equity into deals as the industry goes through a painful, but necessary, deleveraging process.

NREI’s Seventh Annual Survey of Financing Activity seeks input from both camps not only on the cost and availability of capital and the types of deals getting funded, but also on actions taken by the U.S. and foreign governments to stabilize the global economy

To develop an accurate snapshot of the overall lending environment, NREI needs your help. Simply click on the appropriate link below and complete the survey. The survey should only take just a few minutes to complete.

DRAWING: A $100 Visa gift card

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to enter a drawing for one of two $100 Visa gift cards. At the end of the survey, you may enter a drawing for one of the two gift cards.
Thank you again for your participation. Look for the results to be published in an upcoming issue of NREI.

Click this link to participate in the lender survey:

Click this link to participate in the borrower survey:

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