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Institutional Roundups

Carter Forms Global Unit

Atlanta-based Carter is branching out into the global real estate advisory business, thanks to a joint venture with Tampa-based Global Building and Consulting. The new Carter-Global Real Estate Financial Advisors LLC unites veteran brokers Robert Winslow and E. Kim Evans of Global Building and Consulting and John Carter, who oversees Carter’s Florida operations. The venture now offers a full range of consulting services to owners of distressed real estate assets across the country.

Irish Pension Funds Post Gains

August was a good month for returns for Irish-managed pension funds. According to Hewitt Associates, the group recorded positive returns of 2.4%, the first increase since May. The funds had posted losses of 8.3% in June and 2.6% in July. Year-to-date, the funds are still tracking significant losses, averaging -15.1% through August. Much of the August gain is attributed to the stronger dollar and an uptick in U.S. stocks.

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