NREI Webinar To Focus on Strategies for Property Tax Relief

With property values down by double digits from their peak levels, commercial real estate owners are scrutinizing their property tax bills today more than ever. Against that backdrop, National Real Estate Investor will host a free tax webinar for savvy owners and managers at 2 p.m. EST on Tuesday, Aug. 31.

A panel of seasoned attorneys from the American Property Tax Counselwill provide information during the one-hour webinar titled “Turning Economic Obsolescence into Tax Savings: A Blueprint for Property Owners.”

When a property's income no longer justifies its cost, external obsolescence is often to blame. Panelists will review case studies and outline steps that property owners can take to gain tax relief. The webinar is ideal for owners and property and asset managers across all commercial property types.

The topics include practical measurements of economic obsolescence that can be used to lower property taxes of industrial property. The difference between real and personal property and proper classification can also result in significant tax savings for industrial property owners.

The panel of attorneys will explore the effect of assessors’ valuations of industrial plants. In another example, the tax attorneys will show how a hotel's value under the cost approach can be reconciled with its falling income by properly adjusting for external obsolescence.

Participants will also learn about forms of depreciation that assessors don't want owners to know about.

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