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Motorola Partners and Jones Lang LaSalle Redesign the Workplace

Motorola Partners and Jones Lang LaSalle Redesign the Workplace

Motorola, the Schaumburg, Ill.-based communications company, collaborated with Chicago-based real estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle with iWork, a program to revamp Motorola’s workplace to cut corporate real estate costs and respond to the need for more effective and flexible use of workspace. The program aimed for higher employee productivity, satisfaction and retention through the redesign, which draws from the corporate culture as well as state-of-the-art technology. Jones Lang LaSalle's iPlan software performed a key role, by turning occupancy data into real estate solutions as it generated work profiles for individuals and business units. The data developed through the iPlan software helped with decision-making in coordinating space solutions that reflect current job requirements. It basically reduced cycle time and created a tool that could be used consistently on every project. That, in turn, freed planners and managers for other, high-value activities.

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