NREI Dream App Lab Registration

Dear colleague:

Ever wish someone would turn your dream app into reality? We're on it—but we need your help!

At National Real Estate Investor, we're acutely interested in the opportunities being served up by the sudden wave of digital apps for the iPad. So for the next 90 days, we'll be collecting inspirations and proposals for dream apps from a select group of commercial real estate professionals who sign on to become members of our dream app laboratory. Think of it as a virtual garage with a team of other smart people inventing something brand new.

It's a grand initiative that seeks to combine the expertise of some of the best technical talent we can muster with great ideas and feedback from techno-savvy members of the commercial real estate community. Can we count you in? Join the other lab rats.

Thanks for taking the journey with us—we look forward to hearing your ideas.

Matt Valley
National Real Estate Investor

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