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Shell Program for Work Environment Saves an Estimated $100 Million

Shell Program for Work Environment Saves an Estimated $100 Million

The real estate operation of Shell, a multinational oil company based in The Hague, Netherlands, created a program called ShellWORKS to carry out its goal of developing flexible work environments that foster innovation and productivity. By the end of 2009, Shell projects that it will have saved more than $100 million in workspace costs by using the program. Developed beginning in 2005, ShellWORKS was applied in China, Singapore, Norway, South Africa and parts of the U.S. before its official rollout in the spring of 2008. It uses a Web site and navigation wheel to link company principles and objectives with practical tools such as spreadsheets for space budgeting, and wireless cost estimating. The Web site offers videos, a checklist for selecting buildings, and decision trees to help with the selection process. The approach encourages co-location of businesses to reduce duplication of real estate and technology costs, and increases flexibility. Shell’s program emphasizes sustainable development, technology integration, ergonomics, mobility and collaboration. It also allows a quick response when new workspace is needed.

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