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Hilton completes $520 million sale-leaseback

Hilton Group PLC has sold a 60% interest in 10 hotels in the United Kingdom to the Rotch Group and the Farnsworth Group, both based in London, for $520 million. The 10-property portfolio includes 2,042 guestrooms.

The hotels in the sale-leaseback deal include: Hilton Kensington (603 rooms); Hilton Cobham (155 rooms); Hilton Croydon (168 rooms); Hilton East Midlands Airport (152 rooms); Hilton Leeds City (206 rooms); Hilton Northampton (139 rooms); Hilton Nottingham (177 rooms); Hilton Tewkesbury (112 rooms); Hilton Watford (201 rooms); Hilton York (130 rooms).

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